HTML Introduction

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HTML Introduction provides detail about basic HTML structure.

The word HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language.HTML is the standard markup language used for design and show documents in a web browser.

Programming Technlogy Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and scripting languages such as JavaScript used with HTML to make document more stylist and user friendly on web browser.

Filename extension used for HTML are: .html or .htm.


<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>HTML Introduction</title>
		<p>HTML Introduction</p>


Here is a detail about HTML Elements used for HTML Introduction Example.

<!DOCTYPE html> : This tag declare the document type. It guide web browser to which type of language is used for write a web page. Here we used “html” document type.

<html> :This tag informs the browser that it is an HTML document. Content line between html tag describes the web document. <html> is a main tag element for web document. Other element are used under <html> element tag .

<head>: This is the first element inside the <html> element, which contains contains other head elements such as , <meta>, <link>, <style> <link> etc. called as metadata.<head> tag must closed before the body tag starts.

<title>: This is used to add title of that HTML web page which appears at the top of the browser window. It must be put inside the head tag and should close after title text.

<body> : This is a another main part of HTML document which contains the main content of the HTML document . All content of web page is written between body tag which is visible to user in web browser.

<p>: This tag is used to add a paragraph in web page.

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