CodeIgniter – MVC Framework

Codeigniter is PHP Framework which is construct on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Model-View-Controller is a software development pattern which divides application in three part the model, the view and the controller. Model– The Model contains the application data structures. These contain different sets of the functions related to database operation that helps in inserting,… Read More »

CodeIgniter Framework Directory Structure

In this below image you can see the basic directory structure of CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter directory structure is divided into three main folders. applicationsystemuser_guide Application Directory This is a main directory in CodeIgniter framework Directory Structure. All code for building a web application project will goes under this application folder. Application directory have some sub-directories as… Read More »

CodeIgniter Installation Step by Step

In this tutorial we are going to learn CodeIgniter Installation step by step. Here will give detail about how to download and install CodeIgniter step by step. Download CodeIgniter 1. Download CodeIgniter latest version from CodeIgniter Installation 2. After download zip file extract it. You will see below files after extract zip file. 3.… Read More »